Extensive experience in helping leaders cultivate an expansive and global viewpoint, mobilize the organization, create and sustain people advantage, leverage personal and team strengths, and stay lean.

We enable clients to expand the impact of their leadership efforts in three areas:
  • Leveraging executive influence: This includes practical support for setting the CEO agenda, mapping a leader's first 100 days, leading a business unit or function, and enhancing executive team effectiveness.
  • Developing leadership capabilities by creating a pipeline of candidates who receive ongoing feedback and development in order to meet the company's strategic and economic aspirations. We also provide specific leadership advice in areas such as growth, innovation, postmerger integration, and technical capabilities.
  • Optimizing the organization's leadership system by defining the leadership "portfolio" and aligning the people management processes for accelerated results. We make it possible for clients to measure the payback of their leadership investments.

Organizations have grown more complex at a time when they must be able to adapt more quickly than ever. Globalization, competition and changing technology all demand swift action and decision making. The only way for companies to successfully address these business challenges is by leveraging the collective intelligence of their people in order to achieve people advantage.