Indian Retail Revolution

Over the past few years, the concept of shopping has changed in terms of the format of Retail business and the Indian consumer's buying behaviour.
Modern retail formats have mushroomed in the metros and mini-metros, and over the last few years have also begun to establish a presence in the next rung of cities, exposing shoppers to new shopping experiences.
Consumers are now seeking the convenience of one-stop shopping,speedy and efficient processing, for the best utilization of time. Consumers are also on the look-out for more information, better quality and hygiene as well as increased customer service.

Global Retail

The retail industry world-wide is more complex, growth is tougher than ever. A new competitive landscape is emerging in retailing. Major players are now seeking additional growth beyond their borders, looking in particular to developing countries, where regulatory restraints are less formidable.

The next challenge will be dealing with either the emergence of new retail business models or the resurgence of prior ones. These include aggressive discounters, high end retailers, players adding value through enhanced service or broadened offers, and retailers choosing to "hang in there" and strengthen their local market share.

Our Retail practice ensures our clients a continuous and sustainable adaptation to a new landscape of changing consumer behaviours, while helping them emerge as leaders in their sectors.
From cost reduction to category management, from store operations to overall growth, we help companies rethink their strategies, identify innovative practices, and create value in an ever-changing and uncertain retail environment.